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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of membership?

Affiliation with the California Transit Association provides members a dedicated voice in the state legislative process, the inside track on the latest policy and funding developments, and innumerable professional development and networking opportunities.

Members also take advantage of reduced rates on Association events and receive complimentary subscriptions to timely Association publications.

Whether you are a transit system seeking stronger representation with California lawmakers or a transit vendor or trade group looking to enhance your visibility within the public transportation sector, membership connects your organization to the heart of California’s transit industry.

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Become a Member

What are the available membership types and dues amounts?

The California Transit Association offers four categories of membership: Public Transit System, Passenger Rail and Ferry Operators, Transit Support Group and Business Member. Dues are dependent on a number of factors, including membership type and organization size. Annual Business Member Packages are available.

How long does a membership last?

Membership lasts one year. Dues are paid annually on a calendar-year basis and expire at the end of December.

Can I join the Association as an individual?

An individual can only join as a Business Member – Sole Consultant. Our members are primarily public and private organizations, as we are organization-based.

Who are members of the California Transit Association?

We represent more than 240 member organizations, including public transit agencies, passenger rail and ferry operators, transit allies/support groups and transit industry suppliers.

Event FAQs

What educational and networking events do you offer each year?

We offer several programs and events each year:

Transit 101 – Produced during odd-numbered years (the first year of a two-year legislative session), offering a briefing session for elected officials and their staffs to bring them up to speed on important transit policy issues

Spring Legislative Conference – An annual event in Sacramento scheduled over two days

Fall Conference & Expo – Our premier annual event held over three days at different sites each year, drawing more than 600 participants and 90 exhibitors

Webinars – Interactive forums offered numerous times per year, providing professional development opportunities without the cost or time commitment of attending an in-person event

What are the registration fees for your events?

Registration fees vary with each event, so please check the individual event web pages for more information. Members receive valuable discounts on event registration fees.

Do you have a vendor trade show at all your events?

Our premier trade show is the Fall Conference & Expo.

Are there speaking opportunities at your events?

There are speaking opportunities during our annual Fall Conference & Expo, and through our webinars. Speaking proposals can be submitted via email to Proposals from Association members will be given higher consideration.

Advocacy FAQs

What percent of our annual membership dues is used for lobbying?

Up to 100 percent of your California Transit Association annual membership dues may be used for advocating on behalf of public transit.

What will be this year's State Transit Assistance program allocation?

The STA program is the one dedicated source of state funding for transit that can be used for operations or capital purposes. It is derived from the sales tax on diesel fuel. After the passage of a fiscal year’s state budget, the State Controller estimates the upcoming statewide allocation. See the latest estimate from the Controller.

How do I propose a legislative bill idea for the Association to consider sponsoring?

Every summer the Association’s Advocacy team solicits ideas from members for possible incorporation in the upcoming State Legislative Program. The Executive Committee reviews and adopts the program every November.

About FAQs

Is the California Transit Association part of Caltrans?

No.  “Caltrans” is a common nickname for the California Department of Transportation. Unlike Caltrans, the California Transit Association is not a state government agency. We are a non-profit, member-funded, member-governed trade association. We don’t operate any transit services, but we deliver legislative advocacy, educational and professional development services to those that do.

Are all transit agencies members of the Association, or just the big-city ones?

All of the largest urban transit operators are members of the Association, but so are dozens of suburban and rural agencies throughout the state. Our members also include passenger rail and ferry operators, transit support groups and government agencies. In addition, dozens of transit-related private sector businesses from around the world – including manufacturers, suppliers, engineers and consultants – are members of the Association.