California Transit Association


California Without Transit Digital Action Kit

As we enter the final days of congressional negotiations on the next emergency funding package and the final weeks of the State Legislature’s legislative session, it is imperative that your organization communicate with your federal and state lawmakers, the media, and the public to amplify our request for at least $3.1 billion in new emergency funding for California’s transit agencies.

We encourage you to use these infographics in your advocacy efforts in the following ways:

1) In addition to sharing these infographics, please also remember to send a letter in support of our emergency funding request to your state legislators and California’s Congressional leaders and your congressional representatives.  

2) Share these infographics on social media to draw attention to the need for transit services.

3) Use these infographics with your media outreach efforts to elevate the importance of this crisis and educate news outlets about what a “California Without Transit” would mean to your local community

California Without Transit - Essential Workers




Essential workers  Infographics

California Without Transit - Low Income




Low Income Infographics

California Without Transit -  People of Color




People of Color Infographics

California Without Transit -  Public Transportation




Public Transportation Infographics

California Without Transit - Traffic Congestion




Traffic Congestion Infographics