California Transit Association



Dedicated to the goals of the Association, our professional staff – under the guidance of the Executive Committee – provides expertise and leadership on advocacy, business, logistics, communications and event management.

California Transit Association Headquarters
1415 L Street, Suite 1000
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone: (916) 446-4656
Fax: (916) 446-4318



Executive Director

Michael Pimentel, x 1034



Chief of Staff

Rob Finley, x 1023



Legislative Advocate

Matt Robinson, x 1022



Legislative & Regulatory Advocate

Alchemy Graham, x 1032



Legislative Advocate

Andrew Antwih, x 1018



Senior Counselor for Policy & Education

Joshua W. Shaw, x 1012



Business Development Director

Kristian Ross-Patchin, x 1492



Events and Education Director

Erin Meyer, x 1035



Association Services Director

Maria Barajas, x 1008



Public Affairs and Communications Director

Virginia Drake, x 1335



Digital Communications Manager

Faye Venteicher, x 1067



Certified Public Accountant

Alison Turner, x 1032




Dodie Wishek, x 1011



Database and Technology Consultant

Rebecca Evans